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Right, let’s fill in these quick steps and we’ll be nearly ready to go...

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Quick organisational information.


Lets give your space a unique name...

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Essential information about your space. The more we say here, the more we let potential tenants know about the space, attracting the right audience for your space.

Let’s paint a picture of your space and its surroundings?

This step is vital, the more we enter at this point the better chances we have of attracting tenants.

Where exactly is your space?

Let’s enter the space’s county and full address. Update the map and drag your pin to the space's location.

Drag the pin so it falls exactly on your space.

House rules, everyone’s got ‘em.

Let the tenant know any rules your space may have. Stating them now will save time later.

Got an image(s) of your space? Pop it in here...

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Need new snaps? Touch base with our team and we’ll send you one of our Space Shooters to photograph your space.

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Will the tenant of your space need their own liability insurance?

Unsure? Get more information HERE.

How strict would you like to be with cancellations?

Hover on dots to see policy, then slide the bar to a level that works for you. Unsure what’s right for you? Get more information HERE.

Middle of the Road
Tenant's can cancel up to a 48 hour cancel.